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It’s our pleasure to inform you that, YPSA is going to hold a Workshop for introduction of DAISY FOR ALL (DFA) concepts to various organizations in Bangladesh. Please find the following first circulation about the workshop.

Organized by: Young Power in Social Action (YPSA)
Workshop Objective: The objective of the Workshop would be to provide orientation to organizations and users about DAISY (Digital Accessible Information System) Standards and to develop a strategic and implementation plan for next one year.
Language The workshop will be conducted in English.
Date and Venue April 30thandMay 1st 2005 at the YPSA -HRDC Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Workshop Facilitators International expert on ICT from Japan and India.Mr Hiroshi Kawamura and Mr.Dipendra Manocha,
Programme Content It is proposed to hold a one day Workshop about 60-80 participants for basic orientation and one day to be spent with a selected smaller group to develop a strategic andimplementation plan.
Basic Requirements

In order to ensure that participants gain maximum knowledge from thisworkshop, they are required to have the following skills:

* Reasonable level of Spoken and Written English

* Basic knowledge on handling a Personal Computer

* Basic typing skills.


60 to 80 participants will be selected from GO, NGOs, Media persons, Organizations and Schools with students with visual impairment in Chittagong and other part of Bangladesh. Persons with visual impaired and computer trainer will get the priority.

Only 25 selected participants will be join in the second days’ workshop.

However, all expenses incurred while participating in this Workshop should be borne by participants themselves. Accommodation, and food will only be provided to Visual impaired participants from out side of Chittagong.

Topices to be covered

* Introduction of DAISY Standards and DAISY Consortium

* Introducing DAISY books

* Introducing Playback and Recording Tools

* Brief about DFA Project and efforts made in the region for implementation ofDAISY standards.

* Introducing concept of the e-text source document and its utility

in production of all types of accessible material.

Contact Personfor the DFA workshop :

  • Mr. Arifur Rahman Chief Executive, Young Power in Social Action (YPSA) Mobile : 0171-825068 Email :


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