4. Health and Medical Care

Refer to Law 6 in the category of “Support for Independence and Participation in Society.”

Health examinations for expectant and nursing mothers, visiting health services for families with newborns and premature babies, and health examinations for infants and medical treatment for premature babies are provided under this law for the purpose of protecting the health of mothers and infants.
*Other general laws provide rehabilitation services, medical treatment for children with disabilities, and medical fee grant for persons with disabilities by local public bodies.

The law provides a social insurance system for long-term care, which was implemented in April 2000. Under the legislation, individuals who need personal assistance for bathing, toileting, eating, occupational and physical therapy, nursing care, medical supervision and other treatment for physical conditions and changes brought about by advanced age, such as being bedridden or having dementia, can receive the necessary health care and welfare services.

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