The 38 Selected Japanese LawsRelated to Persons with Disabilities – Contents –

1. The Constitution of Japan ———————————————-P. 1 – 2

2. Basic Principles——————————————————— P. 2 – 4

Law 1. Fundamental Law for Disabled Persons

3. Support for Independence and Participation in Society ————-P. 4 – 6

Law 2. Social Welfare Law Law 3. Law for the Welfare of Physically Disabled Persons Law 4. Child Welfare Law Law 5. Law for the Welfare of Intellectually Disabled Persons Law 6. Law Concerning Mental Health and Welfare for Mentally Disabled Persons

Law 7. Law for Special Aid to Wounded and Sick Veterans

4. Health and Medical Care ———————————————P. 7

Law 6. Law Concerning Mental Health and Welfare for Mentally Disabled Persons Law 8. Maternal and Child Health Law

Law 9. Long- Term Care Insurance Law

5. Education ———————————————————P. 7 – 8

Law 10. School Education Law
Law 11. Law for Encouragement of School Attendance at Special Schools for Blind Persons, Deaf Persons, Physically Disabled Persons and Intellectually Disabled Persons

6. Employment —————————————————P. 8 – 9

Law 12. Law for Employment Promotion, etc. of the Disabled Persons Law 13. Employment Countermeasures Law Law 14. Employment Insurance Law

Law 15. Human Resources Development Promotion Law

7. Living Environment ————————————————P. 10 – 12

Law 16. Law for Buildings Accessible to and Usable by the Elderly and Physically Disabled Persons Law 17. Law for Promoting Easily Accessible Public Transportation Infrastructure for the Elderly and Disabled Persons Law 18. Law on Assistance Dogs for Disabled Persons Law 19. Law for Promotion of Research, Development and Distribution of Technical Aids and Equipment Law 20. Road Traffic Law Law 21. Law on Special Measures to Improve Roads Law 22. Law for Railway Business Enterprises Law 23. Mail Law Law 24. Telecommunications Service Law Law 25. Law for Promoting Businesses that Facilitate the Use of Communications and Broadcast Services by Physically Disabled Persons Law 26. Broadcast Law

Law 27. Public Office Election Law

8. Housing —————————————————————-P. 12

Law 28. Public Housing Law

9. Income and Tax (Income Security and the Tax System) ——————–P. 13 – 15

Law 29. Special Child Rearing Allowance Law Law 30. Child Rearing Allowance Law Law 31. National Pension Law Law 32. Employees’ Pension Law Law 33. Daily Life Security Law Law 34. Workmen’s Accident Compensation Insurance Law Law 35. Income Tax law Law 36. Local Tax Law Law 37. Consumption Tax Law

Law 38. Inheritance Tax Law

10. Major Central Government Measures for Persons with Disabilities————-P. 16 – 18

The Japanese laws contained in this publication are organized into categories dealing with various aspects of disabled individuals’ everyday lives.

In addition to the laws covered in this booklet, measures at the central government level are carried out through Cabinet ordinances and ministerial ordinances. At the local government level, programs and services are instituted in accordance with a variety of regulations.

The following are the relevant articles of the Constitution of Japan, which serves as the basis for all of the country’s legislation.

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