Applicants should:

  1. be engaged in massage instruction for the visually impaired persons, or be a masseur themselves,
  2. have at least three(3) years of practical experience i the fields mentioned above, or have the equivalent technical skills,
  3. be able to work as an instructor at a training center of some kind, which trains visually impaired persons with therapeutic massage techniques,
  4. be nominated by their government in accordance with the procedures mentioned in Ⅳ. below
  5. be between twenty five(25) to forty five(45) years of age,
  6. have sufficient command of oral and written English, and

    have the ability to read English Braille, if he/she does not read printed materials,

  7. be able to travel and move by him/herself,
  8. be in good health both physically and mentally to undergo the course of training (as the training covers a long period and may pose risk to pregnant women, pregnancy is regarded as a disqualifying condition for participation), and
  9. not be serving in the military.

Participants are required:

  1. not to change course subjects or extend the course period
  2. not to bring any members of heir family,
  3. to return to their home country at the end of the course according to the international travel schedule designated by JICA,
  4. to refrain from engaging in political activities or any form of employment for profit or gain, and
  5. to observe the rules and regulation s of their place of accommodation and not to change accommodations provided by JICA.
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