1. A Government desiring to nominate applicants for the course should fill in and forward one(1) original and three(3) copies of the Nomination Form(FormA2A3) for each applicant, to JICA Office (or the Embassy of Japan) by May 2, 2007

2. The JICA Office (or the Embassy of Japan) will inform the appluing government whether or not the nominee’s application has been accepted no later than June 4, 2007.

3. Questionnaire
Applicants are requested to fill in the questionnaire which will give us some detailed information of the applicants (format attached – see Annex). Please fill out the form, and submit it together with the Nomination Form.

※Nomination Form without the completed questinnaire is excluded from the selection.
※Applicants are strongly required to typewrite the Nomination Form and questionnaire.

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