Main Building – Detail


More than one hundred seats are waiting for you. Since JICA trainees come from different part of the world so the chef always check the nationalities, religions and culture of the trainees and prepare their favorite dishes. He also prepares halal meat for Muslim people, hot chili sauce and different type of spices.You can enjoy International food every day. Lunch special dish is quite reasonable and they change the menu everyday.

Computer Room
Whenever you would like to access internet you can use computer here.

Seminar Room
Seminar room is the place where participants receive lectures. You can find Braille guidance at entrance.

Coffee Stand
You can enjoy tea, coffee, soda, lassy, smoothy and other soft drinks.

Multi-Purpose Hall
Many different events are held in this hall like opening and closing ceremonies. It is also used as gymnasium. You can enjoy sports here.

Braille guide is attached to every handrail of stair. It is to inform you where you are at.

The passageway connects the main building and the accommodation. The yellow line called “Braille Block” is its center. It is for persons with visually impairement to indicate direction.

Recreation Area
There are two billiard tables near the coffee stand. A Karaoke room is located to next door. You can find some musical instruments there.

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