Accomodation – Detail- Tokyo International Center


The sliding door is specially remodeled for the bathroom. The room is big enough for a wheelchair user to enter and move around.

Opening the sliding door, you see a gentle slope leading to the room. The slope is covered with a rubber mat in order to avoid slipping.

Study corner
The desk is set beside a big window, so that you can go out to the verandah and enjoy fresh air.

TV & Refrigerator
The tv and refrigerator are put on a low shelf, so a wheelchair user can handle them easily.

The balcony is designed to connect with two other barrier-free rooms. It is also used as an emergency exit.

The height of the bed is lower than other in ordinary rooms, so a wheelchair user can transfer himself/herself to bed without any difficulties.

If you pull the bar, you can get your jackets without asking for someone’s help.

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