1. What's JICA Volunteer ?

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  Developing Countries Japanese Communities
in Middle/South America
Age:20-39 JOCV Youth Volunteers for Overseas

Japanese Communities

Age:40-69 Senior Volunteers Senior Volunteers for Overseas

Japanese Communities

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Recruitment twice per year (Spring / Autumn)
Training 65 days
Language training, Technical seminars,
Information about host countries
Term of
2 years 1 or 2 year (s)
Ministry / agency / governmental org. / NGOs

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  1. Living Allowances・・・JICA
  2. Housing Accommodations・・・Host org. (JOCV), JICA (SV)
  3. Expense of domestic official trip・・・Host org.
  4. Operational & Equipment cost・・・Host org., JICA
  5. Deploy of Counterpart for Volunteer・・・Host org.

No salary
in compensation for work

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