2. What's JOCV

Provision of technical expertise in an auto mechanics course at a rehabilitation center

Workshop for teacher training with volunteers & local instructors

Visit to rural communities for eradication of polio

Singing a campaign song for HIV/AIDS prevention composed by a JOCV

& a local band

120 kinds of expertise

Agriculture, Forestry & Fishery
Vegetable Growing, Community Development, Agricultural Products Processing

Civil Engineering & Architecture
Town Planning, Architecture, Civil Engineering Design

Maintenance & Operation
Machine Tools, Electric Instruments, Automobile Maintenance

Education & Information Services
SE, Youth Activities, Environmental education, Tourism, Japanese language, Mathematic teacher

Carpentry, Textiles, Chinaware

Health & Welfare
HIV/AIDS control, Social worker, Nursing of Disabled People, Midwife

Physical Education, Judo, Tennis, Soccer, Volleyball

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