4.Process from request to dispatch

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  1. What? (What’s the problem in the org.?)
  2. How? (How to solve the problem)
  3. Why? (The reason you need the Volunteer)
  4. Volunteer’s Activities? (Detailed job description)
  5. Technical Level?
    (Required qualification & experience)
  6. Equipments?
    (Existing equipment & machinery)
  7. Counterparts
    (Number, Post title, Experience in the field)

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The JOCV program is carried out upon the exchange of notes on JOCV program between Japan and the host country Government.

First of all, JICA conducts the need survey in a host country. An organization whose needs can be met by the dispatch of JOCV may make a request through the line ministry. The aid coordinating agency of the host country such as Ministry of Finance will make a request through JICA overseas office located in the host country. In Japan, JICA will recruit, select and train JOCV and then dispatch them to the requesting organization in the host country.

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The process to request SV is basically the same as that of JOCV. Apart from this practical procedure, the diplomatic communication is required for the dispatch of SV. The aid coordinating agency of the host country also communicates with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and MOFA in the host country makes a contact with the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Embassy of Japan in the host country. The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs then contacts JICA in Japan.

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Short-term dispatch

  • time span from request to dispatch : 3months
  • duration of deploy : 1~10 months
  • examples of activity:
    • group dispatch to support a long-term JOCV
    • support for a training camp
      – prior to a big sports tournament
    • invite an expert who has a special skill

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If you want to request JICA volunteer, you can ask the JICA office in your country.

(they have “volunteer coordinators”)

JOCV Secretariat of JICA HQ
in Tokyo, JAPAN

Thank you

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