• A plan for the coming year
  • A financial statement showing the organization’s activities
  • A forecast for the year showing areas of under-funding or weakness
  • A management tool for monitoring income and expenditure
  • A tool to aid fundraising

User charges, membership fee, income from endowment

Soft money

Revenue from annual gifts, short-lived grants for a projects

Line item-budget

Focuses on expense elements

Wages and salaries, Overtime, Fringe benefits, Retirement plan, Operating supplies, Fuel, Uniforms, Repairs and maintenance, Professional services, Communications, Vehicles, Printing and publications, Building rental, Other

Program budget

Focuses on programs and program elements that represent the activities for which the funds are to be spent.


  • Cookie shop (wages, raw material, packing and transfer, equipment, rent, etc.)
  • Group home (wages, food, electricity, rent, etc. )

Planning a project

  • Why
  • What
  • Where, Whom
  • How to
  • When
  • Who

Developing a Budget for a Program

  • Description of the items needed, their unit cost, quantity and total cost
  • The budget must include everything that the organization wants the funding agency to fund

Expenses and expenditures

  • Personnel expenses
  • Materials, supplies
  • Administration (percentage of the material and labor costs. No more than 15%)
  • Equipment
  • Transport
  • Community workshops/consultations
  • Printing & copying
  • Telephone
  • Postage & delivery
  • Rent & utilities
  • Contingency(usually 5-10 per cent)
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