Staff and human resources

  • Volunteer
    • “Why do we want volunteers?”
  • Staff
    • Analyze organizational needs
    • Draw up a job description
    • Advertise the vacancy
    • Interviewing
    • Selection → informing candidates, employment offer, contract of employment
  1. Planning and resource allocation
    • Why volunteers are wanted
    • Exactly what volunteers are expected to do
    • What resources will be necessary to support the work of volunteers
    • Who will be designated to lead the volunteer effort
    • Who will provide training and ongoing supervision of volunteers
    • What preparation these key people will need
  2. Encourage people to give their time and energy to your organization
  3. Target to the audiences most likely to have the skills and interests to match the available volunteer job descriptions
  4. Screening and selection
  5. Orientation
  6. Volunteer training
  7. Supervision of volunteers
  8. Recognition
  9. Coordination
  10. Record keeping and reporting
  11. Evaluation
    • Maintain motivation, troubleshoot potential problem areas, and allow for personal growth
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