Staff and volunteers

Quest College is not good finance cal

Total number About 10 staff

With out disabilities have 8 staff, disabilities have 2 staff

But in here have Creative hands room for handicapped students worker when they are have a free time is total number 14 students worker we pay them per our.

XVII. Registered members (individuals / organization, number, membership fee

XVIII. Financial resources of your organization

Low in come

XIX. Weakness and strength of your organization

1. weakness

Not many students and not good managements

2. Strength

Good school for study, good environments

XX. Attach here with a brochure or and annual report of your organization if any 2 – 2 your activities in your organization

1. Your job title

My job is Special Education Manager

2. Describe the detail of activities that you are responsible for

I’m a special Education Manager, I work with handicapped people, and I’m responsible for

  1. Creative hands
  2. Scholarship students
  3. SED ( Special Education Department)

3. Explain why and when you started working in this organization

I’m a member ship of LDPA

Quest College need a handicapped person staff, they are call to LDPA, and LDPA sent me come to work in here, because Quest College has Scholarship for handicapped people by in comes from Normal students

Come to pay fee, 10 normal students can get 1 handicapped person come To study for free in here, I start work in Here on 2 / July / 2001.

4. Explain problem or difficulties that you face in your Activities and how you solve them.

The problem is have many handicapped people need to study by Scholarship but the Quest College is doesn’t have enough for Scholarship right now, I try to looking for who can support them More, because Quest College is doesn’t have normal students Come to pay fee.

5. State your opinion on how to improve your activities or your Organization and why.

My opinion, Knowledge is important first, if possible I need some (NGO) from JICA come to help them because when I survey from LDPA and province is had almost of number for handicapped people need to study and want to get a good job in the future when they are finish from Quest College.

6. Describe what kind of role you would like to take in this process And how.

I want to be a good leader for handicapped people, I would like to learn

Experience from your organization how to go, how to help them a right way

How to give education to them and how to teach them can living by them self.

XXI. Describe any other working experience with person with disabilities That you have other than above mentioned organization

I have experience with handicrafts, I teach some crafts (recycle paper, candle, and sewing) to disable people.

XXII. If you don’t mind, please share your personal experiences related Of your disabilities. And please describe how you feel about the Position of person with disabilities in your country.(this question is Not compulsory and also it will not be in the selection procedure.)

I’m feeling sad about disabilities first and feeling shy first; don’t brave to enjoin Normal friends in society, if not my best Friends, because I’m care of friends Teach me, (looking of me walk, and call my name Flow my disabilities) I’m feeling sad if I see the normal person to be disabilities, because I don’t Want to see normal person or baby be come to a person with disabilities in my Country, but I can’t say that when is person disabilities come from where, Almost is accident from on the street right now.

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