October 5, 2007

by Mr. Yoshiaki IMAFUKU, Transportation Affairs Officer, DPI-Japan

AM : Accessibility Check in Tokyo Metropolitan City

The participants were blessed with a sunny autumn day. It was the best climate for exploring Tokyo Metropolitan City while checking its transportation accessibility. 10 participants were divided into three groups and each group took a different route.

Group 1 : Paricipants from Chile, Honduras and Zimbabwe.

Check points : 1. A part of platform raised to clear the level difference, and

2. Platform gate


Group 2 : Participants from Costa Rica, Kyrgyz and Laos.

Check points : 1. Multi-function toilet for all users by the Universal Design, 2. Non-step streetcar, and

3. An elevator that has an exit in the right-angle direction from an entrance door



Group 3 : Participants from Cameroon, Nepal, Yemen and Zimbabwe.

Check points : 1. Platform gate and

2. Non-step bus



PM : Lecture on Current Situation and Challenges of Transportation Accessibility in Japan as of 2007

Mr. Imafuku has many years of experience of fighting for transportation accessibility in Japan. Using the photos we took during the accessibility check in the morning, Mr. Imafuku explained about the current situation and challenges of transportation accessibility in Japan. One of the messages Mr. Imafuku conveyed was that the most important thing is not just to have such devices as ramps or gates. What is more important is the people such as train staff who bring these devices.

Before closing today’s session, the course participants shared the condition of transportation accessibility in each country.

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