October 10, 2007

Morning : Outline of Skip by Mr. Hikosaburo Kamidaki, Deputy Director Afternoon: Opinion Exchange with three members of Skip Lecture: “Current Situation of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities in Japan” By Ms Chihiro Kawamura, Prof. of Seiryo Univ.


Ten participants visited Skip to learn about employment support for persons with intellectual disabilities.
In the morning Mr. Hidenobu Miyatake, Director of Skip, gave a few words to the participants and then Mr. Kamidaki, Deputy Director, explained them about the outline of the Employment Support Center “Skip.”

Lecture material : ‘Skip’ Setagaya Ward Employment Support Center for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities

Skip kindly arranged special lunch menu for the participants. They enjoyed seafood spaghetti, salad, soup and apple juice, however the participant from Yemen could not eat because he was fasting.


After lunch they had a wrap-up session at a patio. Mr. Yemen was in charge of facilitation today. They actively discussed about the topic they’d learned yesterday.

Then they invited three users and exchanged opinion with them. In the participants’ countries, persons with intellectual disabilities are not expected as a active member of the society, so all the participants were so impressed to know they could work and enjoy their lives.

Lastly Prof. Kawamura briefly explained about the current situation of persons with intellectual disabilities for participants to get a clear idea.

Lecture material : Basic Information Intellectual Disabilities (pdf)

From the today’s comprehensive program, the participants could understand that with a proper support persons with intellectual disabilities could work and become an active member of society.

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