October 16 – 17, 2007

by Mr. Yoshinori Ikezumi,
Regional Coordinator of International People’s Health Council South East / Pacific and North East Asia

The participants had the second two days’ session on Leadership Skills facilitated by Mr. Ikezumi. The theme of the last session was ‘self-development’ and this time it was ‘teamwork / network building’.

Participants from Zimbabwe, Cameroon and Honduras shared their experience. They presented how they approached to their community, how they organize the people with disabilities, how they network with other organizations, what kind of roles they take etc.

From their experiences the participants could draw many important characteristics of effective leaders.


Mr. Ikezumi’s four days session was very insightful. The participants had an opportunity to reflect on themselves. They learned about leadership from Mr. Ikezumi’s way of being and acting and also from each other.

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