October 18, 2007 PM

by Mr. Teruhisa YOKOYAMA,
Chairperson of the Board, Center for Independent Living ‘HANDS-Setagaya’

In the afternoon, the participant could meet another leading figure in disability movement in Japan, Mr. Akihisa Yokoyama. Mr. Yokoyama’s activities are community based and his lecture based on his actual experience conveyed strong and powerful messages. The participants could learn about building a relationship with peers, independent living in a community and the importance of personal assistants etc. Mr. Yokoyama brought his wife with him and some participants asked for his advice on marriage of persons with disabilities.

Lecture material : Center for Independent Living ‘HANDS-Setagaya’

Today, the ten participants had a great opportunity to meet two great leaders of persons with disabilities. The participants were impressed by their experiences and empowered by them.


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