October 29, 2007


We often use the words, “Human Rights” and “Advocacy.” However we sometimes do not notice when we are abused, neglected or discriminated.

Ms. keiko Higuchi, Ms. Kinue Suzuki and Mr. Hajime Iwamoto explained about human rights and advocacy by using role plays.
They started the workshop with a song “Kono machi ga sukisa (I like this > town).”

Lecture material : Human Rights and Advocacy
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Lecture material : What is Abuse ?

The participant from Cameroon played the part of father very well and a JSRPD staff had to play a role of bullying a wheelchair user.

Ten participants had experienced the same problems which a couple faced in the role plays. And they learned how to solve the problems.

Before closing the session Kinue san strongly appealed the following message.

“Don’t think you are different from a beggar with disability. They are your peers. In order to get the same human rights as others, you have to stand up and change the society in your country. ”

At the end of the workshop we all sang “I like this town” again and again.



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