November 2, 2007

Today was the first day of three days session, This session aims to learn how to write action plan. At the end of the training in Japan, all the participants are required to write and submit action plan which explains what they have learned from this training and also what they are planning to do upon their return to home country.
The participants were expected to gain concrete ideas of how to write each section of action plan.

Ms. Rossitto explained about each section in depth with specific examples which helped them to understand more easily and more clearly. The participants already had ideas for the topic of their action plan and during the lecture, the participants worked out on writing their plans. They also worked in pairs to exchange their ideas and opinions actively.

Lecture material : Action plan workshop outline (pdf)

The participants will put great effort to prepare the first draft by next session, and then final versions will be presented on the last week of this course.


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