November 5, 2007

By Mr. Yutaka TAKAMINE,
Professor, Faculty of Law and Letters, University of the Ryukyus

Today’s lecture is on the World Disability Movement and the lecturer is Mr. Takamine who used to work for UN ESCAP. His comprehensive lecture covered such topics as Globalization of the disability movement, UN Decade of PWDs (1983-1992), Asian and Pacific Decade of Disabled Persons (1993-2002), other regional decades, Convention on the rights of PWDs, and Emerging issues.

The participants watched a video on APCD (Asia-Pacific Development Center on Disability) which aims to promote the empowerment of people with disabilities and a barrier-free society in developing countries in the Asia and Pacific Region. Mr. Takamine talked about the importance of including disability issues in development.

Some participants were shocked to realize that they did not know much of what was happening in the world. Before finishing the lecture, he encouraged the participants by saying “The world is moving ! It is time for working on disability issues and resources are there!”

Lecture material : World Disability Movements – till the adoption of the Convention


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