November 8, 2007

By Ms. Sarajean ROSSITTO


Today was the second day with Ms. Rossitto. Although the participants had only one week to write their action plan, they managed to bring their drafts for its revision. They worked in pairs to check whether all the items were included and could find some missing parts to be improved. With Ms. Rossitto, they were encouraged to work in pairs or small groups and give advices and suggestions to each other, learning mutually.

Then Ms. Rossitto demonstrated an example of a bad presentation and the participants pointed out many “Do’s” and “Don’ts.” They also learned how to write the outline of their action plan, as in their presentation they would not be able to read out the full text. The participants practiced in pairs to explain the outline of their action plan in a fixed time and by doing so they could also practice making a presentation.

Today the participants clarified any parts that they were not sure about the writing process and also learned presentation skills. They showed concentration and worked hard. It was a tough day but they were now more prepared for their presentation.

Lecture material : Action Plan Writing Workshop Day 2 (pdf)



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