November 10, 2007

Yamano College of Aesthetics is unique in combining the aspects of aesthetics and welfare, with its aim to improve the quality of life of all people through cosmetology. The college offers a course which prepares students for both national hairstylist’s license and national welfare worker’s license.

Lecture material : Yamano College of Aesthetics (PDF file)

Last year this program was unofficial and on a smaller scale, being held in JICA Tokyo. Recognizing the importance of the theme and also the distinguished characteristics of the college, this year it became an official program and the participants visited the campus of Yamano College to study more comprehensively as the following schedule.


9:30 Arrival to Yamano College of Aesthetics
10:30~11:00 Demonstration show organized by Ms. Jane Aiko Yamano, vice president
11:00~11:30 Meeting with Ms. Jane Yamano photos etc.
11:30~13:30 Lunch break and observation of the collage
13:30~14:30 Lecture : “Beauty and Welfare” by Ms. Satoko Watanabe,

director of Biyo Fukushi (Beauty and Welfare) Course

14:30~17:00 Experience of Kimono and Tea ceremony, opinion exchange Theme :

a sense of beauty in the welfare, hear of welfare in the beauty

17:00 Return to JICA Tokyo

Ms. Jane Aiko Yamano is one of the leading figures in aesthetics in Japan.
The participants got excited from the beginning of the day to see her demonstration show of quick change of so many costumes from a Japanese traditional wedding dress till a western style wedding dress.



After the lunch, the participants had a college tour and observed the classrooms equipped for practical study on various aspects of welfare. For example there was a classroom with various types of bath equippment so that the students can learn how to assist elderly people or persons with disability to have a bath. There was also a classroom with kitchen facilities. The students of Biyo Fukushi (Beauty and Welfare) Course learn about cooking related matters, which are necessary in order to work as welfare workers.


After the tour, Ms. Watanabe, director of Biyo Fukushi (Beauty and Welfare) Course, explained about the college and talked about relation of welfare and beauty. The participants could understand the effects of aesthetic on people’s mind and body.

Lecture material : Beauty and Welfare (PDF file)

Today the participants could also experience Kimono and tea ceremony and enjoyed learning about Japanese traditional culture. Although it was a rainy, the day became a unforgettable memory for the participants.


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