November 13, 2007

By Ms. Sarajean ROSSITTO

This was the third and last day with Ms. Sarajean Rossitto and also it was one day before the Action Plan Presentation.

Firstly the participants worked in pairs to check their presentation outlines and give feedbacks to each other. Then they had a presentation practice in front of the group. Just like the real situation, each presenter had 15 minutes and the time was noticed three minutes before and also when the time was up. Some finished before the time and others could not finish within the time. The rest of the participants checked whether all items were covered in a presentation and also gave comments on good points and points to be improved. Ms. Rossitto reviewed their written drafts and gave comments to each. All the feedbacks were valuable and useful as they could make improvements to their action plan.

Lecture material : Action Plan Writing Workshop Day 3 (PDF file)


In this afternoon the participants worked individually to complete their action plan and prepare for the presentation tomorrow.


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