November 15, 2007

Since a program on “JICA Volunteers” was introduced in this training many former participants are now interested in requesting JICA volunteers to their organizations.

Actually a former participant of Leaders Course 2004 requested a junior volunteer in the field of community development and now the volunteer was dispatched to his organization to work with persons with disabilities in Ghana.

Today Ms. Hiroko Irumata came to explain about JICA volunteers to ten participants. She showed the data related to JICA volunteers working in their respective countries. As the same as previous years, most of the participants of this year did not know about JICA volunteers. Now they know what kinds of professions and skills JICA volunteers can transfer to their countries and the procedure from request to dispatch.

People is a resource. Build a network between former JICA participants and JICA resources, and their respective activities can be improved. Let’s all work together for better quality of life of persons with disabilities in the world!


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