Program Outline in 2008

Please note that the following is outline of the program in 2008 for the purpose of reference.

1st week

  1. Arrival (Orientation and Mobility Training is provided for participants with visual impairment)
  2. Briefing and orientation by JICA

2nd week

  1. Opening Ceremony
  2. Program Orientation
  3. Welfare Service and Measures for Persons with Disabilities (Lecture)
  4. Accessibility Check in Tokyo Metropolitan City (Experience)
  5. “What is the Rights of Personal Mobility?” (Lecture)
  6. Transportation accessibility in each country (Discussion)
  7. Leadership Skills (Workshop)
  8. Personal / Organization Report (Presentation)
  9. Tokyo Metropolitan Sports Center for the Disabled (Visit)

3rd Week

  1. Human Rights and Advocacy (Workshop)
  2. Peer Counseling and Peer Support (Lecture and session)
  3. “Welfare Service and Systems for Persons with Disabilities Ⅱ – from the perspectives of persons with disabilities” (Lecture)
  4. Home Visit

4th Week

  1. Movement of Persons with Disabilities to Bring Social Change
    • (1) Japan Federation of the Blind (Visit and Lecture)
    • (2) Tokyo Helen Keller Association, Inc. (Visit and Lecture)
    • (3) Human Care Association (Visit and Lecture)
    • (4) Japanese Federation of the Deaf (Lecture)
    • (5) “Acorns in the Village” (Visit)
  2. Leadership Skills (Workshop)
  3. Watching the Film of “A Piece of Your Home (Furusato wo Kudasai)”
  4. How to Write Project Plan (Workshop)

5th Week

  1. Regional Visits to Hiroshima Prefecture
    • (1) Barrier Free Tourism (Miyajima – World Heritage)
    • (2) Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and Peace Memorial Park (Visit)
    • (3) Story about Atom-Bombing Experience by a Survivor of Atom-Bombing
    • (4) Courtesy visit to Mayor of Hiroshima
    • (5) “Peace Education promoted by Hiroshima Municipal Office” (Lecture)
  2. Regional Visit to Wakayama Prefecture
    • Barley Village, Workshop for persons with mental disabilities (Visit)

6th Week

  1. Individual Training
  2. “Learning from Individual Training” (Opinion exchange)

7th Week

  1. Analysis of the Participants’ Organizations (Workshop)
  2. Organizational Management (Workshop)
  3. Strengthening the Participants’ Organizations
    • – finding solutions to the problems and measures for further development (Workshop)
  4. Review of Project Plan and Presentation Skill (Workshop)

8th Week

  1. UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (Lecture)
  2. Learning from former participants through JICA-Net (TV Conference)
  3. Presentation of Project Plan
  4. About JICA Volunteer (Lecture)
  5. Submission of Project Plan
  6. Evaluation, Closing Ceremony, Farewell Party
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