Ⅱ. Description-3

The following is a draft of outline of the program in 2012.There may be some changes in detail.

1st week

  1. Arrival (Orientation and Mobility Training is provided for participants with visual impairment)
  2. Briefing and orientation
  3. General Orientation (Lectures about Japan)

2nd week

  1. Opening Workshop
  2. Right to Accessibility (Observation and Lecture)
  3. Peer Counseling and Peer Support (Lecture and session)

3rd Week

  1. History of Japanese Disability Movement(Lecture)
  2. Welfare Services and Measures for Persons with Disabilities(Lecture)
  3. Participating in the Planning Stage of Legal System Reforms(Lecture)
  4. Human Rights and Advocacy (Workshop)

4th Week

  1. Learn about Different Types of Disabilities (Visit and lecture)
  2. Right to Quality of Life (Featuring Sports)
  3. How to Write Project Plan I(Workshop)

5th Week

  1. Visit to Local Communities

6th Week

  1. Organization Management (Lecture and workshop)
  2. Individual Training
  3. How to Write Project Plan and Presentation Skill (Workshop)

7th Week

  1. Facilitator Skills(Workshop)
  2. JDF and its Activities (Lecture)
  3. IDA and UNCRPD (Lecture)

8th Week

  1. Project Plan Writing and Presentation (Workshop)
  2. Reflection (Discussion)
  3. About the Activities of JICA related to Persons with Disabilities (Lecture)
  4. Submission of Project Plan
  5. Evaluation, Closing Ceremony
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