Ⅲ. Conditions and Procedures for Application

  1. This program is designed primarily for organizations that intend to address specific issues or problems identified in their operation. Participating organizations are expected to use this program for those specific purposes.
  2. This program is enriched with contents and facilitation schemes specially developed in collaboration with relevant prominent organizations in Japan. These special features enable this program to meet specific requirements of applying organizations and effectively facilitate them toward solutions for the issues and problems.
  3. As this program is designed to facilitate organizations to come up with concrete solutions for their issues, participating organizations are expected to make due preparation before dispatching their participants to Japan by carrying out the activities of the Preliminary Phase.
  4. Participating organizations are also expected to make the best use of the results achieved by their participants in Japan by carrying out the activities of the Finalization Phase.

Applying Organizations are expected to select nominees who meet the following qualifications.

Applicants should;

  1. be nominated by their government in accordance with the procedures,
  2. be persons with disabilities who are a middle-ranking officer at their organization with a total of 5 to 20 years of experience in the disability field. In addition, they must demonstrate a clear intention to work for their organization upon returning from Japan.
  3. have a good command of English and sufficient ability to read program materials, understand lectures, participate in discussion, and write reports in English;
  4. be in good health to undergo the training. Of note, the training course is tightly scheduled and involves a number of field trips. Thus it is extremely important that the applicants are capable of maintaining good health conditions throughout their stay in Japan.
  5. not be serving in the military; and
  6. not have participated in this training program before. In addition, individuals who have in the past participated in any of JICA’s related programs will be given a lower priority than those who have never received training at JICA.

3-3. Required Documents for Application Skip to next headline(3-4) Back to previous headline(3-2)

  1. Application Form: The Application Form is available at the JICA office or the Embassy of Japan in respective country.
  2. Nominee’s English Score Sheet: to be submitted with the Application Form. If you have any official documentation of English ability (e.g. TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS), please attach it (or a copy) to the Application Form.
  3. Personal/Organization Report: All applicants are required to write Personal/Organization Report which covers the topics shown in ANNEX-1 of this General Information (should be written by the applicant him/herself), and submit it along with the Application Form. As applicants’ Personal/Organization Report will be used for the screening of applicants, application not accompanied by a Personal/Organization Report will not be considered as qualified. It is recommended to attach photos of the organization and activities, if available.
  4. Questionnaire: Fill in ANNEX-2 of this General Information, and submit it along with the Application Form. Please attach a full-body photo of the applicant.

* Applicants who are Pregnant or diagnosed with a chronic disease, such as respiratory illness, cardiac disease, metabolic disease (diabetes etc.), renal dysfunction and immune insufficiency (systemic steroid administration etc.) are strictly requested to attach the following documents in order to minimize the risk for their health.

① letter of the participant’s consent to bear economic and physical risks

② letter of consent from the participant’s supervisor

③ doctor’s letter with agreement of his/her training participation.
Please ask National Staffs in JICA office for the details.

3-4. Procedure for Application and Selection: Skip to next headline(3-5) Back to previous headline(3-3)

  1. Submitting the Application Documents:
    Closing date for application to the JICA Tokyo in Japan: August 19, 2012
    Note: Please confirm the closing date set by the JICA office or the Embassy of Japan in your respective country to meet the final date in Japan.
  2. Selection:
    After receiving the document(s) through due administrative procedures in the respective government, the JICA office or the Embassy of Japan in respective country shall conduct screenings, and send the documents to the JICA Tokyo in Japan, which organizes this program. Selection shall be made by the JICA Tokyo in consultation with the organizations concerned in Japan based on submitted documents according to qualifications. The organization with intention to utilize the opportunity of this program will be highly valued in the selection.
  3. Notice of Acceptance
    Notification of results shall be made by the JICA office or the Embassy of Japan in respective country to the respective Government by not later than September 10, 2012.
  1. to observe the schedule of the program,
  2. not to change the program subjects or extend the period of stay in Japan,
  3. not to bring any members of their family,
  4. to return to their home countries at the end of the program in Japan according to the travel schedule designated by JICA,
  5. to refrain from engaging in political activities, or any form of employment for profit or gain,
  6. to observe Japanese laws and ordinances. If there is any violation of said laws and ordinances participants may be required to return part or all of the training expenditure depending on the severity of said violation,
  7. to observe the rules and regulations of their place of accommodation and not to change the accommodation designated by JICA, and
  8. to participate the whole program including a preparatory phase prior to the program in Japan. Applying organizations, after receiving notice of acceptance for their nominees, are expected to carry out the actions described in section2-9 and section3-5.
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