Ⅰ Overarching Goal & Ⅱ Concrete Objectives

To increase employment and improve quality of life of persons with disabilities in Cambodia as well as to participate in the development of our country.

Ⅱ – Concrete Objectives

(1) To provide quality handicraft skill trainings and stable employment for at least 80% of the 20 graduates of persons with physically and intellectual disabilities within two years.

Progress: Wood Carving training started on Feb 2008 with 10 trainees (5 are deaf, 3 with physical disabilities and 2 from poorest families in rural). Within past five months, trainees are able to produce most of woodcarvings that can be sold in local shops.

Tailoring training course started on April 2008 with 13 trainees (2 PwD and 11 from waste picking families who live at the dumped place). Within two months, most trainees are able to produce some simple bags and purses that can be sold in local shops.

Also three of new trainers were promoted from our artisans with disabilities.

(2) Graduates could earn at least minimum income standard ($45) after three months employment so that they can become financially independent in the next year.

Progress: Ten of last year graduates earn around $75 monthly.

(3) To increase handicraft employment for PwDs within WAC as well as to increase production capacity within this 2 years project so that large quantity of orders can be fulfilled.

Progress: The project has just started, Watthan Artisans Cambodia (WAC) recently has increased its sales to 20% which means WAC employs 20% more than current staff and artisans for trainers, and artisans who work in place and from their homes.

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