Ⅲ Expected Outcomes & Ⅳ Activities in progress

(1) To get 10 trainees with physical and intellectual disabilities to be trained in each two years.

Progress: 23 trainees are being trained in woodcarving and tailoring training courses. 10 of them are persons with physical disabilities and 13 of them are persons who live with the most difficult situation (2 from poorest families in rural and 11 form waste picking families who live at the dumped place).

(2) 80% of the graduates will be employed within WAC or work at their homes or employment in the open labor markets.

Progress: Base on current market demand of employment of handicraft skills, there is a positive sign.

(3) After 3 months employment, employees (graduates) are able to earn income at least the minimum rate ($45/m).

Progress: Base on WAC current situation, last year graduates earn around $75 monthly.

Ⅴ – Activities in progress:

Old WAC Buildings have been improved for the training courses and production as in photos below:

Repairing Wood Carving Building

New Wood Carving Building

Wheelchair Accessibility


Old Tailoring Building


New Tailoring Building

A. Wood Carving Training:

Following photos show activities of the Wood Carving training.




B. Tailoring Training:

Tailoring training course started in mid of April 2008 with 13 trainees (2 PwD and 11 from waste picking families who live at the dumped place).

One trainer with physical disabilities was promoted from current artisans. It is also a one year course with real practicing on sewing machines and theory. Trainees receive monthly allowances of us$30 per trainee.

The course has trained from introducing to tools and equipments needed to use for sewing production, then cutting fabric, pattern cutting, sewing and assemble into finish product, and making simple products with marketable designs. Since then trainees are able to produce some simple products that can be sold in local shops.

Following photos show activities of the Sew training.



Trainees are able to produce these above items and they can be sold in local shops



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