We received a following progress report from Ms. Shalika Karunaratne, a participant of Leaders’ course 2006. It took three years for her to implement her project plan. She now works with Mr. Wijesinghe who supports her to start the project. We firmly believe that it could be done because of Shalika’s tireless efforts and never-give-up spirit. Congratulations! Shalika!

An income generating project
for unemployed vision impaired women

This project aims at Promoting employment of persons with visual disabilities for sustainability and self-worth. Mr. Piyadasa Wijesinghe who lost his sight during the bomb blast in January 1996 while he was working at the Central Bank of Sri Lanka as its videographer, has volunteered to train five women with visual disabilities in creating products with recycled paper. Through his own generosity, he provides paper for recycling, gum and tools. Mr. Wijesinghe instructs five women with visual disabilities on how to recycle paper and produce marketable items using their own creativity. Of the five, two are low visioned. Three hour training sessions take place weekly and the trainees have shown great enthusiasm. With their eagerness to learn the trade, Mr. Piyadasa says that they will master the craft by the end of the ten sessioned project.

Shalika Karunaratne Participant – Leadership Development Course 2006 Member – Executive Committee

Sri Lanka Council for the Blind

Interim Report (Action Report)

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