Shalika Karunaratne Member – Executive Committee

Sri Lanka Council for the Blind

Rehabilitation Project Continuous year round Coordinator Instruction in mobility, spoken English, computer, Braille literacy and indoor games (chess and draughts),

Also involved in counselling and job placement

Annual Excursion April 2009 Member of the Organising Committee

40 persons with visual disabilities with adequate guides were taken on a trip to places of importance on the South-Western coast.

Higher Education Scholarship Programme July 2009 Member of the selection committee.

Selected 46 students for the scholarship programme and organised the annual ceremony for the award of scholarships.

Lochana – Recycled Paper Products Project August – October 2009 (Ten three hour training sessions) Project Chairperson.

Overall coordination and supervision of the training programme. In December 2009, provided the trainees an opportunity to market their products during the festive season at the lobby of a mall. The five women with visual disabilities are now using the training and knowledge acquired to augment their income.

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