Siti Rusdenia Rusad (Ms.)

Course : Rehabilitation Training 1985
Country : Indonesia
Name : Siti Rusdenia Rusad (Ms.)
Occupation : Head of Psychology Department
Group : Hasan Sadikin Hospital

Have you utilized the knowledge obtained in the course in your activities / projects?
If answer is “Yes”, please describe your activities / projects briefly.

  1. Name of Activity / Project: Physical Rehabilitation Department, Hasan Sadikin Hospital Period: 1985 till now Your Responsibility : Head of psychology department. Coordinator for human resource department. How did you utilize it:

    Implementation some tools for psychological evaluation, which I got at individual training program.

  2. Name of Activity / Project: Community Based Rehabilitation, Indonesian Cancer Foundation West Java Province. Period: 1994 till now Your Responsibility: Program coordinator How did you utilize it:

    Practical training can be applied so much.

  3. Name of Activity / Project: Yayasan Bnakti Kitra Utama- Multiple handicapped Period: 1996 till now Your Responsibility: Psychologist How did you utilize it:

    Implementation psychological test especially for hearing loss and delayed speech.

Describe your needs and expectations for the follow-up program.

I have dreaming

  • If possible I would like to go to training in Japan again, for working with disabled or to study visit to see specially disabled in order to see the facilities for the disabled in community and accessibility.
  • I really need to get the chance to visit the institution in Japan rural areas (since 80% Indonesia people they are living in rural area), besides that I need to visit disabled persons home privately.

Describe your future plans in the disability field if any.

Situation :

The Hasan Sadikin Hospital is top referral hospital in West Java, and it has the duty to support the government covering the patients throughout the province. To implement its duty, we have a network of 25 represent district hospital in West Java. Patients are managed in the district hospital, or even in the primary health center, but it is accessible in refer them to the provincial hospital when necessary. In order to achieve a maximum result of the Hasan Sadikin Hospital or rehabilitation department program, participation and cooperation of the community to support the government are encouraged. Mass campaign and earlier detection are developed in the integrated service points built earlier by the community on a self supporting basis for the purpose of increasing maternal and child welfare. Being a kind of think tank, I have plan or organized a group voluntary hospital as experts from medical, paramedical and non medical back ground, whose responsibilities are among to manage referred patient and to give advise to persons from any workplace seeking information and guidance for rehabilitation management. It is thus understood that efforts to increase the capability of human resource involved in the hospital or department are quite necessary.

Objectives :

– To strengthen the knowledge and skills of the efficient dealing integrated and comprehensive rehabilitation management in the provincial or regional level.

– To increase the knowledge and skills of the officials in the management of disabled patient and also in the general management of the most frequent disabled in the West Java Province. So I am very happy to see in the questionnaire, question about which information requires. I hope, I will use that information and contact acquired (and printing materials as any) to improve my hospital/department, mainly its human resources, because with better human resources, we can do our service better and create a better society in the future. I expect to be more effective in supporting the rehabilitation department efforts as operational activities and in submitting inputs for policy decisions related to detection prevention and care especially those directly related with rehabilitation management and organization.

E-mail message

About information on the trainings, seminars, conferences and events are as follows :

First, in the near future (around 17 – 18 February 2005) I will hold a discussion with the alumnus of foundation for the disabled children. At the moment, they have finished their education, but they don’t have any activities. We will discuss what efforts can be made to improve their ability, so they can be more productive in the community It is part of Community Based Rehabilitation – CBR program. Most of them are very potential, be that in the musical area, or other skills. But lack of attention, from the government, as well as from the NGO, leaves them with nothing to do.
Second, I want to make an approach (lobby) to plan a seminar / discussion about the role of Ministry of Education and Culture in the physical rehabilitation effort. Also, if possible, I have a wish to lobby the Ministry of Employment or Social Welfare as well. Due to change in the cabinet, the handling of disabled person – which is the main job of Ministry of Social Welfare – became unclear and unfocused. Programs that used to be available for the disabled person now no longer exist. This is however a degradation. Last, which is deeply related to my profession and the knowledge that I gained in Japan, I wish to make a guiding or practical guidance about psychological service for the multiple handicapped children. This thought is based on the fact that handicap itself causes a psychological effect, moreover the multiple handicapped with various kinds and influence each other, really makes the role of a psychologist a must in this area.

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