Dorang Luhpuri (Ms.)

Course : Rehabilitation Training 2004
Country : Indonesia
Name : Dorang Luhpuri (Ms.)
Occupation : Lecture, Social Worker and Head of Laboratory
Group : The Bandung School of Social Welfare

Message from a letter

I am myself also fine. However, not for the people in Aceh and North Sumatera, as you know that there were earthquakes and tsunami wave have killed more than 115.000 people (I am sorry that it was happened in Japan before). Although I am ready to be a volunteer to help those disaster’s victims, I have not got opportunity to go there. Some friends have been there. Regarding to my action plan I written and presented, seemly it is difficult to be implemented for the moment. However, I found something that come to my mind to do something useful and helpful for PWDs, at least smaller area. When my students did field practice (practicum) at three different districts at Bundung regency (the place surrounding Bandung), they collected data about social problems at those places. Surprisingly, that there are hundreds people who are PWDs and majority have not touched by any social services. In fact, they need help. At one of those three districts, my students facilitated the community to established Rehabilitation Community Based. However, so far they still need follow up to give the real assistance they need, such as vocational training, some devices and so forth.

I have a plan to purpose to you and JICA a follow up program related to the issue mentioned.

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