Rukmagat NYAUPANE (Mr.)

Course : Leaders Training 2002
Country : Nepal
Name : Rukmagat NYAUPANE (Mr.)
Occupation : President
Group : Nepal Society of the Disabled (NSD)

Have you utilized the knowledge obtained in the course in your activities / projects?
If answer is “Yes”, please describe your activities / projects briefly.

  1. Name of Activity / Project: Advocacy in PWDs Period: Two years Your Responsibility: President How did you utilize it: Lobbying with Government, NGOs, INGO & conducting

    variances seminar and workshop.

  2. Name of Activity / Project: Organizational networking Period: Two years Your Responsibility: Co-ordinates How did you utilize it: Lobbing with different DPOs made result oriented

    affiliate NFDN.

  3. Name of Activity / Project: Institution development Period: Two years Your Responsibility: president How did you utilize it:

    Renewing NSD board, distribute NSDs membership & so on.

Describe your needs and expectations for the follow-up program.

Leadership building should be developed. Barrier free environment should be promoted. Capacity building training should be made. Public awareness should be programmed.

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“Nepal society of disabled” is now publishing a national monthly magazine named “Disabled Improvement”.

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