Carlos Mansilla KAISER (Mr.)

Course : Leaders Training 2003
Country : Chile
Name : Carlos Mansilla KAISER (Mr.)
Occupation : President
Group : District Councils of PWD Metropolitan Region (Santiago) Coordination Board

Have you utilized the knowledge obtained in the course in your activities / projects?
If answer is “Yes”, please describe your activities / projects briefly.

  1. Name of Activity / Project: Creation of new district councils of PWD


    From Feb. to Dec.2004

    Your Responsibility:

    To coordinate the program. To provide information among organizations of/for PWD

    How did you utilize it:

    Using ideas from other participants. Using knowledge of leadership learnt from Mr.Ikezumi.

  2. Name of Activity / Project: Independent Living center project



    Your Responsibility:

    To coordinate the project. To raise funds.

    How did you utilize it:

    Using ideas from other participants. Using knowledge learnt from the training course.

Describe your needs and expectations for the follow-up program.

To get in contact, To get up-dated information. To get funds. To work on programs to develop international networks (Specially Japan-Chile-Latin America oriented network)

Describe your future plans in the disability field if any.

I want to be elected as a national representative of the people with physical disabilities in front to the government in the elections to be held on August 2004. I’m currently advising and helping government and private organization in programs for PWD (such as a program of funds for entrepreneurs with disabilities among others). I plan to study more and to get more training course not only in disability direct related fields but also in other subjects that can be useful to improve PWD quality of life. I want to help to start the Latin American decade of PWD. I plan to get more courses and to obtain more knowledge on the field. I want to speak in international seminars. I have the ability of encouraging people. In the future I plan to work for and international organization in the disability field. I plan to do everything I can to help to strengthen links and relationship between Japan and Chile and among the countries of the network.

E-mail Message

Dear friends: the first pictures are from the possible place for the Independent living center, then you have community based activities.



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