What I learnt in Japan

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The best thing I learnt from Japanese culture is the value of team work.

I tryed to use all knowledge I got not only in my follow up project (National Independent Living Center). I used them all doing my job as the person in charge of the Municipal PwD’s affairs office in Algarrobo Town.

As you know, we held a national conference this month. So I send you pictures of a ceremony we did for our 100 volunteers, they are people from Algarrobo, they worked from 7 am to 12 pm just because they had a commitment with PwD, they are real heroes.

A brief report on the conference

  1. The National Conference was succesfully done. We got several national wide important agreements.
  2. As a direct resoult of the National conference we got unity in the PwD’s organizatons world (Chilean one) and sent a letter to the President for him to order the Law modifications to be passed.
  3. we sent a letter to the President (I was the spokeman of the movement) in the Government Palace (la Moneda Palace). all he media covered this news.
  4. we went to the diet and we did it, now the law modification will be passed.
  5. we got an incredible place for the national Independent Living Center to be built.
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