The achievements after the training course

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In 1997, I got an opportunity to attended Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Promotion for Persons with Disabilities training organized by JSRPD, in the recommendation of Jica Nepal.

After attending the group-training course on Vocational Rehabilitation and Workshop management of PWDs in Japan, we (trainees) developed an action plan to implement the training skill in respective countries. I would like to mention the key achievements (outcomes) after I came back to Nepal:

Established National Rehabilitation Center of the Disabled (NRCD) and elected as a president, and I utilized my training skill through this organization. I worked in rehabilitation sector in different districts. They are as follow:

  • 1000 PWD were trained on income generation training in Katmandu valley. The trained PWDs have been leading the dignified life in the society through the income generation activities. We also established first cooperative of the disable people in Nepal working specific to disable people in Katmandu. The cooperative has been running by the trained PWDs themselves.
  • As well, 50 PWDs were trained on Income Generating activities in Kaski district. The trained PWDs have been taking advantage from the training for their income that supports them for their better life. We also established a Rehabilitation Resource Center in Kaski. From this Center PWDs has been taking income generation activities smoothly.
  • 150 PWDs were rehabilitated in Nawalparasi through Income generation activities. The trained PWDs have been using the training skills for their income generation activities and have been leading independent life. We have set up our own Resource Center Office in Nawalparasi.
  • 50 PWDs, 1oo PWDs, 25 PWDs, and 100 PWDs has been rehabilitated in Kapilvastu, Bardia, Nuwakot, Kusma (Parpat) and Rupandehi respectively. We also established Rehabilitation Resources Center to provide training to new trainees (PWDs)

I have been working as Secretary General in National Federation of the Disable-Nepal since 2004.

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