Friendly City 2005

“As a loving Malaysia Citizen, we would always here to help our country to construct a Caring Society, a barrier-free city which, care for the under-privileged citizen. We urged our government, city planner, transportation services provider, any other ones who are involved in the country’s future development, given care and understand the needs under-privileged society, given them the equal rights to access to all facilities and public infrastructure. In deed, we believed, with love, care and responsibility, Malaysia will developed towards a Friendly City”

The aim of Shuang Fu (Double Blessing) is to complement the effort of the Government to enrich the lives of the disabled through training and building up their self confidence. The Shuang Fu programmes are open to all, regardless of race or religion. Shuang Fu is registered with the Registrar of Societies under the Societies’ Act 1966.

Set up by Madam Shen Chiu Hsiang, who is a disabled person herself and her husband Rev. Ch’ng Joo Beng, Shuang Fu was formed in July 2000. With their 10 years of experience at the Eden Handicap Service Centre, Penang, where they were involved in promoting welfare schemes for the disabled, the Shuang fu service center was set up and running in October the same year.

There are three main directions for the Shuang Fu: (1) Services (Occupational exploration, emotional counseling, leisure activities); (2) Promotion (Social awareness, disabled self-reliant programme) and (3) Advocacy (enhance and improve the welfare of disabled persons).

Shuang Fu aims to help disabled persons and former drug addicts to achieve a breakthrough in their lives by teaching a skill to enable them to have better job opportunities. With self-sufficiency and self confidence, they would hopefully be reintegrated into society. To achieve optimum results, Shuang Fu has set up specific services such as physical training, job training, job placement and counseling without charge to the disabled and underprivileged. Up to Dec 2003, there are a total of 400 disabled involve in the service activities.

Friendly City 2005 / Event Introduction


  • Persatuan Kristian Shuang Fu
  • Sin Chew Daily
  • Senergy Educational Network

Event Planning

The Run

A team consists disabled and volunteers relay from Pekan Nanas to Kuala Lumpur. The volunteers are blindfolded and relay with the disabled along the journey over 342km.

The Journey

Starting Pekan Nanas, passing Pontian, Batu Pahat, Muar, Melaka, Seremban and Finish in Kuala Lumpur.

Activity Period

Between 3rd September to 17th September 2005

Publicity and Promotion Strategy

1) Celebrities Relay

Inivite celebrities, such as actors, singers, athletes, politicians, social workers to join the relay for a short distance. If the time permitted, they are also welcome to join the local events, i.e. Seminars, Experiential Education.

2) Official Media Reports

Invite a reporter to follow the team and provide a column in newspaper daily, the dairy style writing will attract readers’ attention on the event.

Side Event

1) Flag Off Ceremony

Proposed to invite Local Government as VIP for Flag Off Ceremony, tentatively held in Pekan Nanas.

At the same time, Local Leaders and Sponsors are invited to join the blindfolded relay as the first baton at Pekan Nanas checkpoint.

2) Seminars and Exhibition

The Running Team will organize seminars, exhibition in the cities. All topics refers to the under privileged society, providing a better picture to the society, the proper channel to help the under privileged group.

3) Experiential Education

Experiential Education is the series of interactive games provide a touching feeling to the participants that how a life of disabled, the barrier they faced and how inconvenience of their daily life. Put in the same shoe, participants will understand the life of disabled, expected them to gave more convenience to the disabled rather than barrier. The Experiential Education will follow the steps of running team to every towns.

Future Development

Expecting in the near future, all cities which participated will at least organize a team of social service volunteering group, giving care and helps to the under privileged group in their city, giving them a room to learn and actively participate in social activities. We believe that, with loves, the under privileged group will play a role in the country development.

With loves and cares, we are not in dark. Any tiny helps will make a big change in the future.

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