ADPI Status and Accomplishments

The Association of Disabled Persons-Iloilo was established in 1990 and was registered as a non-stock, non- profit organization by the Securities & Exchange Commission. It is accredited by the City and Province of Iloilo, DOLE, DSWD & DOH. ADP-I is composed of cross-disability: Orthopedically, Visually and Hearing Impaired. ADP-I is being governed by the Board of Trustees and Officers being elected every two years.


A sustainable, productive organization, uniting, leading and guiding the total development of persons with disabilities in Western Visayas.


ADP-I integrates PWDs into the mainstream of society to be Christ-centered, competitive, self-reliant and independent by protecting their rights and privileges, physical and social rehabilitation and values and spiritual enhancement through advocacy, information, education and provision of livelihood and employment opportunities


  • All PWDs have access to buildings, establishments, transportation & education, medical and other facilities
  • All PWDs are members of PWD Associations/Organizations.
  • All PWDs have access to livelihood and employment opportunities.
  • All the Association’s program and projects are sustainable.
  • Harmonious relationship with GOs, NGOs & Private sector established.
  • All PWDs participate in local governance.
  • Establishment of an accessible PWD Center.
  • All PWDs are protected from violence, exploitation, and discrimination.
  • All LGUs provide fix budget for PWD programs/projects.
  • Disabled – friendly community established.


Number of PWDs
Registered in ADP-I – 500

*Active – 200

(thru Dept. of Health – PWDs’ Profiler): Region 6 – 45, 670 * Province – 13, 338

City – 917

1. Services offered/ catered

A. ADP-I – The programs and services are given to clients/ beneficiaries according to departments that cater to its specific service. Each department has its own staff and headed by a department manager.

1. SSCWD Department (Social Services for Children With Disabilities) –

SSCWD – is a department which caters to the needs of Children with Disabilities aged 25 years old and below thru medical assistance, scholarships, rehabilitations and provision of assistive devices.

It started its operation year 1996 thru the financial assistance of the Lilliane Stitching Funds of Netherlands (SLF).

  • Total No. of Beneficiaries – 327 (availed)

    Present Status:
    – Medical – 45 (maintenance, operation, laboratory, etc.) – Scholarship – 43 (availed- 30/ on-going -13) – Assistive devices – 17 wheelchair, 6 crutches, 5 prosthesis 1 splint, 2 Special Chair, 1 Brace – Shunt – 4

  • No. of Rehab. Centers – 5
    (Lapuz, Dumangas, Leganes,Pototan, Barotac Viejo)
  • Physical Rehabilitation Assistance – 67 adult pwds’
  • SSCWD supports the SPED center of Barotac Viejo thru allowances to its SPED Teachers.


On July 2000, People’s Credit & Finance Corporation introduced the Micro-Finance to the association as a Program Management Unit employing 8 PWDs, on February 2003 it became a conduit in facilitating Micro-Finance Program of the government. At present FEDP is financed by PCFC and PEF thru loans.

  • Total number of branches – 2 (Iloilo City & Barotac Viejo)

    – Iloilo City serves the municipalities of Leganes, Sta. Barbara, Pototan, Jaro, Mandurriao, La Paz, Lapuz, Molo, and City Proper

  • – Barotac Viejo serves the municipalities of Barotac Viejo, Balasan, Ajuy , San Dionisio

  • Total number of clients served – 3, 671 clients
  • Number of employed – PWDs – 7; able – 9 = 16

B. ADP-I multi-purpose cooperative

On March 2002, the ADPI Multi-Purpose Cooperative was duly registered thru the Cooperative Development Authority, and became operational on December of 2003. The cooperative has its own Board of Directors and Officers.

ADP-I MPC was created for the benefit of its members, all members of the cooperative should also be a member of the Association. Under the cooperative’s projects are the Productivity center in Sta. Barbara and the Jaro Plaza Canteen.

3. Jaro Plaza Canteen

Number of PWDs employed- 9 (Ortho & deaf)

*Services: – Offers breakfast & lunch, snacks, – Accepts catering services

– The canteen offers services to veterans, senior citizens, retired gov’t. officials by providing the space/ place for meetings with free charge

* Manufactures: -Wheelchairs, special chairs – Prosthesis -Crutches – Armchairs, school chairs – Day care chairs for children

– Steel and wood works

  • Massage Center- operated by 5 visually impaired masseurs (headed by a licensed masseur)
  • Computer encoding, & printing, fax, photocopying
  • Production of Beauty soaps, scented candles, souvenirs for all occasions, teddy bears, bags for seminars and other made to order bags, coin purse, celphone case, friendship bands, fashion jewelries, hair bonds, cards for any occasion,calling cards, etc.
  • DAI office – operated & managed by the Hearing Impaired, caters to the needs of persons with hearing impaired. Offers basic sign language class for all.
  • All existing projects sustains : -the programs of the association -the operational expenses

    -the maintenance/ cleanliness of the plaza particularly the playground area.

The Programs of the association held annually support the total development of the members physically, morally, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

  • Recollections, retreats and sponsored masses.
  • Summer family day
  • Summer camp
  • Concerts, programs
  • National Disability Prevention &Rehabilitation Week (NDPR)
  • Anniversaries
  • Christmas Parties
  • Radio Programs, radio & TV trouping
  • Newsletters
  • Sports development & competitions/ Recreations (local, National, international)
  • Leadership, IT, Skills, and other related Trainings, Seminars, educational programs (local, National, international)
  • Educational tours, field trips
  • Livelihood programs, Job Placement/ referral
  • Low Cost Housing program
  • Organizing, and establishing PWDs/ associations of PWDs in other municipalities
  • Others…
  1. Make our city and province a disabled-friendly thru: the accessibility on buildings, roads and transportations. (R.A. 7277 & B.P. 344)
  2. Help promote and patronize our products made by our productivity center; in turn create more jobs to our members, be able to sustain our organization, give more benefits to our beneficiaries: the poor children and young adults, thru our programs and services.
  3. Provide additional funds for our working capital in livelihood projects thru the cooperative.
  4. To have a lot and building of our own as a center for training, skills development and hometel for the staff / transient persons with disabilities (PWDs’)

“Let us help Persons with Disabilities help themselves”

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