Visit:”Community Visit” by Mr.Yoshimichi Ogawa

Mr.Yoshimichi Ogawa arranged one-day field trip in Atsugi city to observe the actual work sites for perosns with disabilities as well as their houses in order to know what kinds of welfare services they are provided.

We made a first visit Atsugi City Council, is located in Atsugi City Office. We had a meeting with Mr. Mitsuo Utsumi, a member of City Assembly. Mr. Utsumi is an electric wheelchair user and has been working actively for citizens with disabilities since 1999.

Before noon we visited “Asunaro,” a regional small scale workshop for persons with disabilities. They prepared Tempura lunch for us and all participants enjoyed it together with users.

Ms. Hiroko Fukushima and Mr. & Mrs. Yasuo Machida kindly gave us an opportuniry to visit their houses, which specially reformed for wheelchair users.

We would like to introduce you a brief outline of Atsugi city (2002)

Population 219,804
Elderly people (over 65) 26,058 (11,86%)

Resitered persons with disabilities in Atsugi city Persons with physical disabilities:2,516 Persons with visual impairment:364 Persons with hearing impairment:384 Persons with other impairment:972 Persons with intellectual disabilities:719

Persons with psychiatric disabilities:281

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