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7/18 Move to Kobe 7/19 Visit: Hyogo Rehabilitation Center 7/20 Courtesy visit: Deputy Governor of Hyogo Prefecture and Deputy Mayor of Kobe city

Lecture: (1)Welfare policy for persons with disabilities (Hyogo and Kobe city)

(2)Governmental efforts towards hosting National Sports Games for Persons with Disabilities in Hyogo, 2006.

7/21 Visit: Kobe city Employment Promotion Center for Persons with Disabilities Field Visit: Disaster Reduction Museum & Rokko Mountain 

7/22 Visit: Industrial workshop “Welfare MAHOROBA”, for persons with intellectual disabilities Back to Tokyo

This was the first time for the group to travel outside of Tokyo. The participants were warmly welcomed everywhere they went. Each of the places visited had their own approach to promote the employment of persons with disabilities. Year 2005 is the 10th anniversary of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, where more than 6,000 lives were lost in Hyogo prefecture. Buildings, houses and roads have been fully rebuilt and one cannot believe that this was the actual disaster site of the earthquake. However, the effects of this heart-breaking experience remain with the citizens of Hyogo to this day. People are now paying much more attention to their neighbors and communities after the earthquake and we all felt the kind generosity of the people we met.

There is no doubt that the 5-day visit to Hyogo Prefecture brought the participants much closer together.

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