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Closing Ceremony(July 29,2005)

In the closing ceremony of JICA Training course on “Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Promotion of Persons with Disabilities”, nine participants received the certificates from Mr. Tsutomu Nakano, the chief of the Human Development Team. Subsequently, Mr. Solo Betta DAMENA from Papua New Guinea gave a few words as a representative of the group. The certificate used to indicate that the completion of the training course was the end of the year before, however the line rule changed this year and the official end of the course will be six months from the closing ceremony. Starting this year, participants are required to submit three different reports. Instead of the Country Report, each applicant is required to write an Inception Report on the subjects given in Annex 2 in preparation for the program. At the end of the Program, participants are required to prepare an Interim Report of project which improves the vocational services of each organization. Within five (5) months after the Program, participants and their organizations are expected to formulate the Final Report that includes a proposal of a pilot project for improved employment services for persons with disabilities in respective countries.

We are going to introduce the Final Reports from nine members at JICA web site.

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