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Date Program Lodging
9 27 Tue Arrival to TIC TIC
  28 Wed Briefing by JICA TIC
  29 Thu General orientation by JICA TIC
  30 Fri General orientation by JICA TIC
10 1 Sat   TIC
  2 Sun   TIC
  3 Mon Opening ceremony
Program orientation (Outline)
  4 Tue Lecture: Accessibility for persons with disabilities”
Accessibility experience tour
  5 Wed Participatory training : Leadership skills training TIC
  6 Thu Participatory training : Leadership skills training TIC
  7 Fri Lecture : “Basics of systems for persons with disabilities in Japan” TIC
  8 Sat Personal Report presentation TIC
  9 Sun Visit: Barrier-free public facilities (Showa Kinen Park) TIC
  10 Mon National holiday (Health-Sports Day) TIC
  11 Tue Lecture : “ Current situation of persons with visual impairments in Japan”.
& Experiencing visual impairment with the use of an eye-mask
  12 Wed Visit : Tokyo Independent Living Support Center for the Deaf
Lecture : “History and current situation of the movement of persons with hearing impairments”
  13 Thu Lecture: ”Activities by persons with intellectual disabilities-Nothing about us without us”
Visit: Workshop“Studio Kinuta” and Employment support center ”Skip” for persons with intellectual disabilities
  14 Fri Lecture: “Psychiatric disabilities” Lecture: ”Self-help activities by persons with psychiatric disabilities”


  15 Sat   TIC
  16 Sun   TIC
  17 Mon Lecture: “Current situation of persons with physical disabilities”
Lecture: “Independent Living”
  18 Tue Lecture: “Advocacy of the rights for persons with disabilities”
Lecture: “Peer Counseling”
  19 Wed Participatory training : Leadership skills training TIC
  20 Thu Participatory training : Leadership skills training TIC
  21 Fri Reflection TIC
  22 Sat Home Visit  
  23 Sun    
  24 Mon Lecture: “Movement of persons with disabilities in Japan, up to the dawn of Japan Disabilities Forum” TIC
  25 Tue Workshop: “Management of organization” TIC
  26 Wed Workshop: “Proposal writing” TIC
  27 Thu Workshop: “Fundraising” TIC
  28 Fri JICA-net / Interaction with ex-JICA participants
  29 Sat   TIC
  30 Sun   TIC
  31 Mon Individual training TIC
11 1 Tue TIC
  2 Wed TIC
  3 Thu National holiday (Culture Day) TIC
  4 Fri Regional Visit: Okayama Prefecture
  5 Sat Visit: The 5th National Sports Games for the Disabled in Okayama Prefecture Okayama
  6 Sun Regional Visit : Hiroshima Prefecture Hiroshima
  7 Mon Regional Visit : Hiroshima Prefecture Hiroshima
  8 Tue Leave for Tokyo TIC
  9 Wed Day Off TIC
  10 Thu Future Action preparation TIC
  11 Fri Reflection TIC
  12 Sat   TIC
  13 Sun   TIC
  14 Mon Lecture: “The Latest in the Disability Field at the International Level”
  15 Tue Lecture: “Persons with Disabilities and Participation in the politics”
Lecture: “UN Convention on the Human Rights of People with Disabilities”
  16 Wed Future Action presentation TIC
  17 Thu Future Action presentation TIC
  18 Fri Evaluation by JICA Closing ceremony

Farewell party

  19 Sat Leave for home countries  
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