JICA's Activities and Challenges -ODA & Disability-

24 June, 2005 JICA, Human Development Dept. Social Security Team


Presentation Contents

  • Official Development Aid (ODA) and Support for the People with Disabilities
  • JICA’s Activities in the field of Disability
  • JICA’s Guideline on “Support for the People with Disabilities”
  • Challenges

ODA and Disability

1992″ODA Charter” For the effective implementation of ODA, socially vulnerable people should be well paid attention to.
1993″New Long Term Plan for the PWDs” Basic direction of international cooperation was mentioned.
1995 “Action Plan for the PWDs” Promotion of international cooperation in the field of disability and introduction of disability lens in ODA implementation
2002 “Basic Plan for the PWDs”,”New Acton Plan” Promotion of BMF and regional cooperation in the Asia and Pacific, cooperation with private agencies, etc..
The AP Decade Japanese government’s initiative on the Decade and it’s extension.Use of the Asia Pacific Development on Disability (APCD)
2003″New ODA Charter” “Human Security”lens, secure equity, application of Japanese experience are the basic policy

JICA’s Activities (1)

  • Training Course:29 courses、2407 trainees
  • Dispatch of the Japanese Experts:24countries, 126 experts
  • Dispatch of Japanese Volunteers:779
  • Technical Cooperation Projects:13 projects in 8 countries
  • Cooperation with Foreign NGOs:9 projects in 5 countries
  • Cooperation with Japanese NGOs:14 projects in 9 countries
  • Research studies、study group on disability、advisory group on “Support for the People with Disabilities” Achievements

JICA’s Activities (2) -Introduction of Activities-

  • Target country:Thailand and Asia Pacific Region
  • Duration of cooperation:2002.8—2007.7, 5years
  • Project objective:Empowerment of the PWDsin the Asia and Pacific region, and promotion of barrier free society.
  • Activities:Capacity development、information support, networking and coordination between concerned organizations.
  • Distinction:Participation of the PWDsin the whole process of preparation, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.Asia Pacific Development Center on Disability

JICA’s Activities (3) -Introduction of Activities-

PWD Leader Course(Training in Japan)

  • Since 1986—
  • Beneficiaries:Leaders of the DPO in all countries in the world
  • Total number of trainees as of today:170
  • Objective:Contribute to the improvement of the status of the PWDsin their respective countries through discussion among trainees
  • Results:Many past trainees are leaders of DPOsworldwide
1995—1996 Research “Participation of the PWDsinto International Cooperation” Making guideline on disability Establishment of focal point for disability related issues Awareness raising among JICA staff Information DB on Disability Establishment of an advisory group, etc
Full Participation and Equality of PWDs Empowerment of the PWDs Cross cutting issue 1998—1999 Study Group on Disability
2003 JICA Thematic Guidelines on Disability More specific and comprehensive approach

Chapter 1:General description of the PWDs

Chapter 2 :Approach on the support for the PWDs

Chapter 3:Empowerment of the PWDs

Chapter 4:Mainstreaming of the PWDs(PWD lens)

Outline of the Guideline (2)

Objective:Provide support to materialize “Full Participation and Equity” of the PWDsin Developing Countries

Provide support to enable the PWDsfully participate in the development of the society and have equal opportunity with the people without disabilities

Broaden the opportunity for the PWDsto take part in planning, implementation and evaluation of JICA projects.

Implement projects which consider needs of people including the PWDs.

Outline of the Guideline (3) -Approach (1)-

Full Participation and Equality of PWDs
Empowerment=Empowerment of the PWDs, their families and DPOsMainstreaming   “Disability lens” to project planning, implementation and evaluation
ConditionLegal, Educational aspects, Capacity building of Rehabilitation Specialists, Barrier free design, etc…   Awareness raising of JICA staff, Employment promotion, Barrier free design, etc…

Outline of the Guideline (4) -Approach (2) Empowerment-


Community-based Support By Volunteers or Cooperation with NGOs Priority target

1)DPOsand leaders, 2)Women with disabilities

Priority areas for making better condition for the PWDs
are : Education, Training and Employment, Welfare, Health and Medication, plus, Sports/recreation/social activities, Living Condition

Outline of the Guideline (5) -Approach (3) Mainstreaming-


PWDs participation as beneficiaries and practitioner of projects
Priority areas are 1)Poverty alleviation/Social development, 2)Peacebuilding

Introduction of disability lens into project cycle

To make better condition for mainstreaming, awareness raising of JICA staff members, promotion of PWDsas JICA staff, barrier free design, etc…

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