Country Malaysia
Name Wong Yoon LOONG (Mr.)
Occupation Secretary (till 14/11/2005, and going to retire)
Group The Physically Disabled’ Club Kalang Selangor

*Have you utilized the knowledge obtained in the course in your activities / projects?
If answer is “Yes”, please describe your activities / projects briefly.

We not have any man power to help in one aid of any project and activities because at moment we as an non government organization and a lot of “red tape”

*Describe your needs and expectations for the follow-up program.

  1. We need one (1) personnel computer & printer
  2. Waiting for any new news from JICA or others.
  3. Some grant for build any office and helping member around 120 members, monthly we spend about US 150.
  4. In future we need to visit and meet each others.

*Describe your future plans in the disability field if any.

Our future plans to build a workshop in making ‘envelope printing’ to supply all government office, individual and private sector. For your information the cost including land, building and machine as US 100,000,000..

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