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Country Palestine
Name Emad A.R.KHALED (Mr.)
Occupation Social Worker
Group Rehabilitation Center for Persons with Disabilities

Have you utilized the knowledge obtained in the course in your activities / projects?
If answer is “Yes”, please describe your activities / projects briefly.

I didn’t apply my project yet because the Israeli occupation destroyed a new center where I was going to apply my project in until now we don’t rebuild it again because of the lock of fund.

Describe your needs and expectations for the follow-up program.

Help in funding my project in the future. Having another training in Japan with the same group regarding other issues in the fields of rehabilitation or with other participants.

Describe your future plans in the disability field if any.

Establishing a new center for training art and hand craft for PWDs.

Project Reports –

Some of Mr.Emad’s Works and Hand Craft with Disabled people. ( HTML ) ( ppt, 7.97MB )

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