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Rehabilitation Training 2003

Country Palestine
Name Imad Abdallah MHANNA (Mr.)
Occupation Social Worker
Group Rehabilitation Center for Persons with Disabilities

Describe your needs and expectations for the follow-up program.

Help in funding my project in the future. Having another training in Japan with the same group regarding other issues in the fields of rehabilitation like intellectual disability, rehabilitation programmers for mental illness.

Describe your future plans in the disability field if any.

My center needs to be improved by building a second roof in order to add other workshops. I will work on this. From my plans is to put program for mental illness

mail-8255328E-mail message

The ministry of social affairs planed to build two vocational center in the south and the north of Gaza. Last April the ministry finished building, the center in the north of Gaza but it was destroyed it. Therefore we delayed building the other center in the south. My project was written on this center. We will wait until the situation in Palestine become quiet.

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