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We would like to guide you to Tokyo International Center (JICA Tokyo), your training center as well as your accomodations. This is the biggest center among other nineteen centers

Reception, seminar rooms, computer rooms, restaurant, coffee stand, gym, karaoke rooms and JICA office are in the main building. And accomodations and anneex buildings are adjoined.

Chef at the restaurant regularly checks the nationalities of the trainees and tries to prepare their own foods. He respects religions and cultures of respective coutries. Halal meets for Muslim people, vegetalian foods and all kinds of spices are always served there. You can enjoy diverse meals on the first floor of the main building.

A Variety of beverages is served at the coffee stand during lunch and dinner times. The seminar rooms, computer room, restaurant and multi-purpose hall are located in the main building.

These barrier-free rooms are prepared for wheelchair users.

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