Outline of The Rehabilitation Course Program in 2005

THE 1st WEEK (June 14 — 19)

  • General Orientation by JICA

THE 2nd WEEK (June 20 — 26)

  • Program Orientation
  • Lecture and Discussion: “Overall glance of welfare system on disability in Japan”
  • Lecture and Discussion: “Current situation and policy of persons with disabilities in Japan”
  • Visit: National Rehabilitation Center for persons with disabilities (NRCD)
  • Visit: Yokokawa Electric Corporation
  • Lecture: “Employment of persons with disabilities in Japan”
  • Video Conference with the people from World Bank, JICA participants in Osaka and Tokyo, JICA Tokyo Head Office, and trainees of Duskin Leadership training program.
  • Reflection of the Week
  • Inception Report Presentation

THE 3rd WEEK (June 27 — July 3)

  • Lecture: “Employment support for persons with mental disabilities”
  • Visit: “JHC Cosmos”, “JHC Recycling Shop”
  • Lecture: “Vocational rehabilitation in Japan”
  • Visit: Chiba Vocational Center for persons with disabilities
  • Visit: Chiba Public Employment Security Office
  • Facilitator Skills Training
  • Lecture: “Basic management skill of work center”
  • Home stay

THE 4th WEEK (July 4 — 10)

  • Lecture and Discussion: “Workshop management and its issues”
  • Visit: Home visits of persons with disabilities
  • Management of Work center (2 groups)

THE 5th WEEK (July 11 — 17)

  • Individual training
  • Facilitator Skills Training
  • Lecture: Proposal writing
  • Reflection of the week

THE 6th WEEK (July 18 — 24)

  • Local Visit to Hyogo Prefecture

THE 7th WEEK (July 25 — 30)

  • Preparation of Future Action Plan
  • Presentation of Future Action Plan
  • JICA Evaluation
  • Closing Ceremony
  • Farewell Party
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