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Course Title (No.) Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Promotion of Persons with Disabilities- Workshop Management- (J-06-00872)
Duration May 16, 2006 — July 1, 2006
Deadline for Application

March 16, 2006

for acceptance of the JICA local office (or the Embassy of Japan)

Number of Participants 10
Language English
Target Group Directors, managers and instructors at (sheltered) workshops/work centers or vocational rehabilitation centers who resume duties at grassroots levels (such as NGOs) concerning employment and vocational rehabilitation for persons with disabilities on their return.
Course Outcome The employment status of persons with disabilities is expanded and improved.
Course Outputs Participants are expected to take following actions during the course to make future plans to improve the employment status of persons with disabilities in their countries;

  1. analyze the employment status of persons with disabilities, vocational rehabilitation and vocational support systems of home countries and understand the major issues and problems regarding the management of vocational rehabilitation centers, (sheltered) workshops/work centers.
  2. improve the knowledge and skills of problem-solving, management of (sheltered) workshop/work center, facilitation and proposal writing.
  3. formulate Interim Report which intends to promote employment of persons with disabilities and to improve the disability-related activities of their organizations.
  4. complete and submit Final Report to JICA TOKYO which informs the progress of their action plan within five (5) months after completion of the program in Japan.
Key Organization for the course

Japanese Society for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities (JSRPD)

Address :22-1,Toyama 1-chome, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0052, Japan TEL : 81-3-5273-0601 FAX : 81-3-5273-1523 (81 : country code for Japan, 3 : area code)


The Planning Committee consists of social workers, psychiatric social workers, rehabilitation social workers, professors and directors of corporations.


Tokyo International Center (JICA TOKYO)

Address : 2-49-5, Nishihara, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0066, Japan TEL : 81-3-3485-7051FAX : 81-3-3485-7904 (81 : country code for Japan, 3: area code) If no room is available at JICA TOKYO, JICA will arrange an alternative accommodation at appropriate places.

Allowances & Expenses The Government of Japan provides the following allowances and covers the following expenses through JICA in accordance with relevant laws and regulations:
Round-trip air ticket between an international airport designated by JICA and Japan, accommodation allowance, living allowance, outfit allowance, shipping allowance, expenses for JICA study tours, free medical care for participants who become ill after arrival in JAPAN (costs related to preexisting illness, pregnancy and dental treatment are not included), etc.


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